dystopian skies.

dystopian skies.


for jazz orchestra

commissioned & premiered by UMass Amherst Chapel Jazz Ensemble


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dystopian skies. (2016)

for large jazz ensemble (5-4-4-4)
commissioned and premiered by UMass Amherst Chapel Jazz Ensemble

length: approx. 7.5 minutes
difficulty: college/professional

A screamer… you’re gonna want an excitable drummer and a hungry brass section for this one. An angular pocket, meandering open solo section and a screaming guitar over the top of the finale.


soprano 1
electric guitar

reed 1 | soprano, flute
reed 2 | alto, flute
reed 3 | tenor
reed 4 | tenor
reed 5 | baritone

trumpet 1 (to written D#6) | harmon
trumpet 2 (to written D6) | harmon, straight mute
trumpet 3 | harmon
trumpet 4 | harmon, straight mute

trombone 1 (to A4) | cup mute
trombone 2 | cup mute, plunger
trombone 3 | cup mute, plunger
bass trombone 4 | cup mute

electric guitar
electric bass
drum set

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