beard swagger.

beard swagger.


for string quartet

commissioned & premiered by NYC iSchool


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beard swagger. (2016)

for large jazz ensemble (5-4-4-4)
commissioned and premiered by NYC iSchool

length: approx. 8 minutes
difficulty: high school

Features an aleatoric section in the middle designed to be unfamiliar but accessible, allowing the student ensemble to develop its own unique, concentrated approach through rehearsal. Some counter-intuitive rhythmic material and a consistent stress on beat 4 (at the expense of beat 1) create the challenge of the piece much more than the technical demands for any one instrument.


alto 1 or tenor 3
trumpet 2

alto 1
alto 2
tenor 3
tenor 4
baritone 5

trumpet 1 (to written Bb5)
trumpet 2
trumpet 3
trumpet 4

trombone 1 (to Ab4)
trombone 2
trombone 3
trombone 4 (tenor)

electric guitar
electric bass
drum set

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