Atticus Live! - Video

Ahead of the Awakening Orchestra's release of interlude: Atticus Live! - the music of Jesse Lewis on Biophilia Records on December 6th, we've begun to release some video content of the recording, which happened in February 2015 at ShapeShifter Lab. Check out the title track Atticus, below, and stay tuned for more video being posted on the Orchestra's Vimeo page in the coming days and weeks.

You can preorder Atticus Live! on iTunes and BandCamp.

election year: a Work in progress.

A three-part series brought to you by the Awakening Orchestra and ShapeShifter Plus, election year: a Work in progress. will showcase a brand new symphony by Kyle Saulnier, to be composed across the entire span of the election year as events unfold. Each of the three performances will see new movements and material added to the work, relevant to both the 2016 election cycle in real time and to the dates on which the performances will occur.

part i: free labor, free land, free men. - 03.20.2016
part ii: liberté, égalité, fraternité. - 07.14.2016
part iii: ethos, pathos, logos. - 11.11.2016

new website is live!

We've completely revamped, dragging the site kicking and screaming into the 23rd century. For the time being we'll stand firm with this one, but coming in the Fall look for some of Kyle's compositions to be on sale here for the first time!

We'll continue to use the third person and Victorian 'we' for the indefinite future, though - don't worry.