teaching philosophy:

Acting like a teacher and truly teaching, while not mutually exclusive, are two entirely different things. Every student, regardless of age or experience, can tell the difference between a person dictating information and one sharing knowledge. Likewise, every student can tell when a teacher truly loves to teach, and whether he or she is being patronized. A teacher that can share knowledge and maintain the highest ethical standards while allowing their genuine personality to come through will always have the best opportunity to reach the student on both an intellectual and personal level.

In other words:

  • be human
  • respect the student
  • share knowledge

photo courtesy Gulnara Khamatova

clinics & masterclasses:

Kyle Saulnier is active and available for clinics and masterclasses, specializing in contemporary composition and ensemble direction. To inquire about a guest lecture, contact him here.

selected teaching resume:

teaching positions

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papers & presentations

  • the Ethics of Teaching: Exploring Our Professional Responsibilities As Teachers (2010)
    • by Bruce Saulnier, Kyle Saulnier, Bruce White
    • presented at the 2010 ISETL Conference in Nashville, TN